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Expedited Appointment

1. All applicants must complete an NIV application using the online DS-160.

2. All applicants, except those who are exempt from fingerprinting and who are eligible for a waiver of an in-person interview by a Consular Officer, must enter the bar code information obtained from the completed DS160 and other identifying information in order to schedule an appointment online for an interview and processing.

3. Applicants who do not require an interview include those applying for official or diplomatic visas, applicants under 14 years of age or over 79.

4. If there are no appointment slots available before the date of intended travel, applicants must nonetheless schedule an appointment as early as possible – even if this is after the date of intended travel.

5. After scheduling an appointment online, applicants wishing to request an earlier appointment should email the Consular Section at:  The subject of the email should be “Emergency Visa Appointment Request,” and in the body the applicant should explain the following details:

a) The applicant names and the number in the family or group.
b) The date of the scheduled appointment and when (s)he or they would like to schedule an earlier appointment. NIV interviews are conducted on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings only.
c) The dates of intended travel.
d) The nature of the family or medical emergency or urgent travel needs, including any reasons why the applicant(s) did not make an application sooner before finalizing their travel plans. 
e) Applicants may provide any documentation to support the urgency of their request. This documentation must be included in or attached to the email.
f) The Consular Section will determine whether or not an expedited appointment can be granted, giving priority for serious emergencies, such as for medical or family reasons.  Priority will also be given for student applicants and those with extremely urgent travel needs.  However, the applicant must demonstrate that his failure to schedule an appointment in a timely fashion was due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his control.
Priority will not be based on the perceived importance of particular applicants.
6. Families or groups may be scheduled together in a single appointment slot at the discretion of the Consular Officer. If you have a large group of 10 or more people, please email the Consular Section at to inform us.  We may be able to schedule a special appointment just for your group in order to be processed faster.  

7. One way or the other, whether or not a request for an expedited appointment can be granted, applicants will be informed by replying to the inquiry email. The originally scheduled appointment will still stand unless the applicant indicates he would like to cancel.