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Diplomatic Visa

Diplomatic (A, C2, C3, G or NATO”) visas are issued to certain individuals traveling to the United States on official business representing their government, NATO authority or an international organization designated under the International Organization Immunities Act.  The U.S. Embassy is guided by U.S. regulations when issuing this type of visa. 

Holding a Diplomatic or Official passport does not automatically mean that one qualifies for a Diplomatic visa.  When using a Diplomatic or Official passport, for whatever purpose, applicants must obtain a Diplomatic Note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for a visa.  If the applicant intends to use a Diplomatic or Official passport for non-official purposes, please refer to the normal procedures for non-immigrant visas, including scheduling an interview three weeks in advance. 

It is best to contact the Consular section to confirm that you qualify for an A, C2, C3, G or NATO visa if you are not certain.

Requirements for Official/Diplomatic visas

1. A valid passport with a minimum of six months validity and at least two blank pages.

2. DS-160 confirmation page completed on-line and printed with the bar code. Please, follow the instructions carefully at under “Visas to the U.S.”

3. If you could not upload the visa photo on-line you must supply a 5cm by 5cm passport-type photograph taken within the past six months against a white background.

4. Government officials going on an official visit must attach a diplomatic note issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Letters from other Ministries do not count as diplomatic notes. The diplomatic note must indicate the following information concerning the principal applicant:

• The name, date of birth and passport number.
• The office or ministry where the person works and his or her official position and title.
• Place of assignment or visit and the purpose of travel.
• Antecipated length of stay or tour of duyty in the United States                 • Antecipated length of stay or tour of duyty in the United States

 Employees of International organizations recognized by the U.S. government such as the World Bank, United Nations, African Union etc., who are traveling on official mission, must bring, besides the requirements stipulated in sections 1-3, a letter or telegram (compulsory for UN employees) of their employer.  The letter/telegram must clearly indicate the position of the applicant, the purpose of trip and the period of stay in the U.S.

Please Note: The official and diplomatic visa types are not determined by the type of the passport, it is determined by the purpose of the trip. Official or Diplomatic visas can be placed in Diplomatic, Official or Tourist passport types.

5. Pick up and Drop off of applications are Monday – Thursday, from: 2:00 – 3:00 pm

6. If your visa is approved at the day you drop off   the application, it will take up to 7 business days to be processed, and then it may be picked up.

For more enquiries please write to